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Home   chapter home   jobs   conferences   fellowships   books advertisement kidney tumor - adult malignancies adult renal cell carcinoma papillary type, renal cell carcinoma reviewers: sean williamson, m. D. (see reviewers page) revised: 30 june 2012, last major update june 2012 copyright: (c) 2003-2012, pathologyoutlines. Com, inc. See also type 1 , type 2 , solid types below general ========================================================================= ● papillary or tubulopapillary tumor with foamy macrophages and intracellular hemosiderin ● size greater than 5 mm distinguishes tumor from papillary adenoma; frequently trisomy 7, 17 ● also called chromophil; some cases were formerly called renal cell carcinoma-granular type due to granular cytoplasm, but this term is obsolete and may also refer to oncocytoma or eosinophilic variant of clear cell carcinoma ● 10-20% of adult renal carcinomas ● origin: proximal or distal convoluted tubule ● epidemiology: 75% male clinical description ========================================================================= ● tends to present at early stage ● 5 year survival is 82-90%, may be better than clear cell carcinoma ( am j surg pathol 2002;26:281 ) ● metastasizes to regional lymph nodes case reports ========================================================================= ● 63 year old man with bilateral renal masses ( univ of oklahoma ) ● 74 year old man with tumor arising in calyceal cyst ( arch pathol lab med 1996;120:879 ) ● focal mucin production ( am j surg pathol 1998;22:1037 ) gross description ========================================================================= ● thick capsule with reactive changes and hemorrhage, red/brown (from hemorrhage); multifocal (80% of tumors), occasionally bilateral; mean 7 cm ● tissue “pours out" of kidney ● looks necrotic but microscopically less necrosis than expected gross images ========================================================================= tan-pink mass with satellite nodules golden yellow tumor tumors are predominantly cysts with a localized mural nodule in each renal vein extension large cystic tumor infiltrates perirenal fat hemorrhagic and partially necrotic tumor multiple tumor nodules, one is hemorrhagic-cystic capsular invasion micro description ========================================================================= ● well-circumscribed, often with distinct fibrous capsule ● papillary or tubulopapillary in every case ● have papillary fibrovascular cores that may be edematous and look cystic; papillae may be long and solidly packed ● foamy macrophages in papillary cores and intracellular hemosiderin are sensitive/specific features. buy viagra pills online canadian viagra no prescription viagra without a doctor prescription generic viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription cheap viagra buy viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription cheap generic viagra buy generic viagra

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